Walking with the Senses Open

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URBAN DESIGN vol. 165 with the theme ‘Sensing the City’ is now available with Helle Nebelong‘s article ‘Walking with the Senses Open’. Guest topic editor Daniela Lucchese who has handpicked a list of interesting writers issues a plea to look less and feel more. Daniela says: “Helle Nebelong… challenge our way of seeing the city and interacting with it. Helle reflects on the experiences from the Sensory Garden project and tries to answer the question of how to create spaces that affect people mentally.”

Read Helle’s article here (LINK til pdf)

Contributors for this topic are also Professor Charles Spence, Landscape Architect Deborah Nagan, Anthropologist and Urban designer Dr Maayan Matz Ashkenazi, Professor Beau Beza and Dr Anastasia Globa, Urban Designer Lucy Large, Antonella Radicchi and Jieling Xiao

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