The sensory garden at Christian’s Have Nursing Home in Solrød, Denmark, was inaugurated 7 May 2019 after a two-year process  involving the users, transforming ideas to the final project and the constructing of the garden.

The garden has been designed by landscape architect Helle Nebelong and Malmos A/S was the constructor. The garden, which includes a music garden, a training garden, a beach garden, a campfire garden, a magnolia grove, a herb garden, a patio and even a kissing bench has been made possible by a generous donation of DKK 11.5 million from Annie and Otto Johs. Detlefs´ Funds – OJD.

Annie Detlefs was present at the official inauguration. Head of the nursing home, Kirsten Bjerregaard, welcomed the great commitment and interest in the work from everyone, especially Helle Nebelong, who succeeded in creating a garden that integrates the many wishes of all of the residents. Solrød Mayor Niels Hörup was happy too. He said: “The sensory garden is a garden far, far beyond the ordinary. It is a garden that will make a difference in the lives of our senior citizens. It is the most ambitious version of a sensory garden in Denmark, which is now a reality”.

For decades, research in being in green and natural well-designed environments has shown what it means for the human health and quality of life. The list of health effects is endless, but one of the most important things is probably that we get relaxed and calm down when we spend time in nature and gardens with all its marvelousness.

In the garden at Christians Have all the senses are stimulated. There are flowers and plants in many colors – which one can pick and bring indoors. There is an abundance of trees and bushes with fruits and berries to be eaten, and there are herbs that can be used in the cooking. Open your eyes and take a close look at all the beauty. Smell, taste and touch the garden with its 7000 flowers and plants. Open your ears and listen to the blissful sound of the fountains or the instruments in the music garden. The sense of balance can be challenged on the beautiful boulders that you can walk on – or in the gym’s exercise equipment.

Solrød Municipality posted the following on Facebook November 8, 2019:

“Lonni is working in the rehabilitation at our nursery center since 2015. When she returned from maternity leave in April 2019, she returned to an enchanting sensory garden which made her very proud of working in a place that offers the elderly good facilities, increased quality of life and dignity.

It is so nice to hear how great an impression the garden makes on residents, relatives and employees. Lonni says that the employees involve the garden in their daily activities with the residents so that they stimulate the body, and the relatives also use the garden daily with the residents. The garden is a truly unique experience that impresses over and over again.”


Location: Solrød, Denmark
Building Owner: Solrød Municipality

Garden area: 8.000 m2
Designer: Helle Nebelong, Landscape Architect MAA, MDL, MPM, Director
Officially opened to the public 7 May 2019  by Annie Detlefs, founder of Annie and Johs. Detlefs’ Fonde (OJD)